Friday, March 6, 2009

New Toys!

Dayton Christian Center West now has a ton of new toys. We had a grant approved that allowed us to purchase a whole slew of new toys for the children. Tasha, the site coordinator and toy purchaser, tried to focus on toys that are a lot of fun but have some educational value as well. There are plenty of fantastic childrens books, a listening center and other creative things like a puppet theater and felt art board. Come in and hang out with your children and check out the new toys!

Tasha thought it was so much fun putting the toys together that I should do it by myself. Thanks Tasha. The single-seat child police car was harder to put together than anything I have ever assembled in my life. I guess Fisher-Price can make a car kit, but still need to learn how to make the directions. I remember as a kid always wishing the thing had wheels like a bike. Does anyone else think they should build these things for speed?


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