Thursday, January 21, 2010

DXC Offers Another Reason to Volunteer


DAYTON-- The Dayton Christian Center (DXC) has joined the Disney Parks Give A Day. Get A Disney Day®. volunteer incentive program, according to the organization's Volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator, Betsy Fox.

The program, Fox said, was developed by Disney Parks to encourage people to volunteer in ways that will benefit their communities and contribute to the quality of living there. It rewards community volunteer service by giving a voucher for one day's free admittance to a Disney theme park. These vouchers are limited to one voucher per person, Fox said.

“It's a way to get families together and to go out into their communities and, in return, get a free ticket to a Disney theme park,” Fox said. “And, if they can’t use it or decide they don’t want to use it, the ticket can be donated.” She said it cannot be transferred to another individual, but there is a list of organizations on the website to which the voucher can be donated.

The program is open to anyone over the age of 18 and to children of volunteers, Fox said, and entire families are encouraged to register. Children between the ages of 6 and 18 are eligible for a park voucher, but must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian during any volunteer activity.

Registration can be completed by visiting the Disney Parks website and clicking on the “Search and Sign Up” button at the top of the web page. From there, they will be asked to enter their zip code and to choose areas of interest. There is also a box to check for opportunities that include children along with parents.

When a person chooses an opportunity on the Dayton Christian Center’s list, Fox said, an email is sent to her and she must contact that individual within 72 hours. Normally, Fox said, she tries to contact the volunteers by phone, but also makes use of email. A date will be scheduled for the volunteer service. When it is completed, Fox notifies Disney Parks and the voucher is sent to the volunteer. The program will last until December 15, 2010 or until the vouchers are gone. Disney Parks has a goal of getting one million people to volunteer this year.

“The neat thing is that they don't have to wait until they volunteer,” Fox said. “[The ticket] will be reserved as soon as their registration is completed.” She added that the voucher will not be sent out, however, until she verifies that the individuals who registered have actually completed the day's service.

DXC has a number of volunteer opportunities, Fox said, and it is easy to register and volunteer.

Dayton Christian Center operates several daycare rooms at out site at 1352 Riverview Ave, “she said. “As part of that care, we provide each child with three meals every day, so we have opportunities for those who want to help with the children and in the kitchen. They can also work with the kids doing crafts and art projects.”

But, she added, there are many other ways to help out. Fox said that the Center is involved in reorganizing its Administrative Offices at the Riverview location and is in need of help to with some light cleaning, maintenance, and getting the new offices set up, along with doing some office work such as data entry and filing.

But the one of the areas the center needs the most help in is with its VITA program, Fox said.

That program – the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program – offers help to families or individuals in need of tax filing. That program will start up in early February and will continue through the April 15 filing deadline.

“This would be a really good way for someone who knows about filing tax returns to help out in the community and get something in return,” Fox said. “We have quite a few volunteer openings in this area.”

But, she said, the Center is open to anyone who wants to be of service to the community.

Fox said DXC decided to get involved with the Disney program because of its new vision and commitment to the community in new ways.

“[This is a] new year and a new year brings new opportunities to reach out with new programs,” she said. “This is an easy way to reach out to others and let them know we appreciate them for volunteering.”

Additionally, she said that she hopes that people find their own reward in volunteering

“Volunteering is a great thing to do and I'm really glad that Disney came up with a way for people to get something back, but I hope they enjoy their work enough that they will want to come back and continue to volunteer with us,” Fox said.

She said more information on the “Give A Day, Get A Disney Day” program, or to register, people may visit the website at For more information on volunteering with the Dayton Christian Center, she recommended people contact her directly at 937-275-7174 or at

Dayton Christian Center is a faith-based community center founded by the National Ministries American Baptist Churches USA in 1921 and is one of 19 similar centers nationwide with the mission of enriching and empowering lives, one choice at a time. For more information on the Dayton Christian Center and its programs and services, call the Center at 937-275-7174 or at

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 Brings Changes at DXC

A New Year means a new beginning for the Dayton Christian Center. As some of you might have heard, there has been big news surrounding the Dayton Christian Center. We wanted to share this news with our blog followers.

This is the article as it reads in the Dayton Daily News. Courtesy of
Meredith Moss, Staff Writer for the Dayton Daily News:

The Dayton Christian Center, a presence in the Miami Valley since 1921, has closed its Linden Avenue location in East Dayton as of Jan. 1, and plans to reopen by March in an expanded but still undisclosed location.

The Rev. Bob Bishop, executive director of the organization, said the group has been in discussions with the city regarding a larger new home, and said that the location will definitely be in East Dayton.

“We’ve been renting space from a church that was way too small for what we needed,” Bishop explained, estimating that the group serves up to 600 clients each month on Linden Avenue. Because a one-year lease had to be renewed with the church by Jan. 1, he said the board decided the time was right to initiate the change.

The two Centers offer programming ranging from Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) to meals for the homeless and day care. The West side location, at 1352 W. Riverview Ave., is housed in a building constructed in 1950.

Bishop said one of the proposed projects is a new sports and wellness program that will be organized by Drew Formentini, a University of Dayton graduate student assigned to the Center for the next two years.

“The idea is to link a variety of different agencies and programs in East Dayton and put them together in a way that will hopefully revitalize the community,” Bishop said.

He said he is hopeful the new location will be available even before March on a rental basis so that the VITA program and the new sports program can be offered there. He said grants also are being pursued.

Bishop, who oversees both locations, said the Centers have a staff of 20, some of whom are paid by other community organizations such as AmeriCorps and Wright State University. The Linden Avenue location was opened in 2005. It also offered tutoring and drop-in guidance to help clients hook up with a variety of community organizations.

“What gives me the greatest pleasure is to know that we are not only helping people today, but hopefully changing the structure for many generations after us,” said Bishop, who took his job in 2003 after serving as a church pastor for 17 years.

“As a faith-based community center, our faith drives us to do what we do,” said Bishop. “Hopefully, the plan we’re going to unfold will be big news for all of East Dayton.”

For information, visit

Contact this reporter at (937) 225-2440 or mmoss@Dayton

We, at the Dayton Christian Center are very positive that this will be the change that Dayton Christian Center needs. This change helps us to put more focus on programs and to reach out to even more families in Dayton. We will be able to provide more information soon, but I hope this gives you a glimpse of what will be for the Dayton Christian Center in 2010. Please continue praying for us!