Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It is Spring Break Week, a time for self reflection.

I was holed up at Sarah's desk yesterday; just Tasha, Marilynn and I hanging out in the office. In between being hard at work on different projects, we had our little watercooler chit-chats. The exception was that Tasha had a new quote that she could not stop imparting on us, laughing every single time she mentioned it. Please Tasha, no more about Peter!!!! Yet, I still blog about the guy because... it was a life lesson for Tasha and we could all benefit from listening to it.

"What does that have to do with you Peter?"

Maybe it was not such a bad thing that it was scarred in my brain. The lesson behind the quote is that in the Bible, Peter kept sticking his nose into other people's business. The disciples told Peter, "Stop! You are causing yourself undo stress and it is not good for you or anyone else!" So basically, that is what Tasha - and everyone around her - learned.

You will be more effective at work and home. You will be more focused on what YOU can do. And you will be happy forever. I hope I don't have it stuck in my brain forever, but I hope the idea will serve me for the rest of my life....

Thanks Tasha.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Story of Stuff

Today in class, my teacher showed us a video about Where stuff comes from and Where it goes. I thought it was so interesting, that I thought everyone who sees my blog should also watch it. It is weird to think that this is REAL!

Maybe I will run around nude in the wilderness. OK no, but I like knowing all the information shared. You will like it too.

The Story of Stuff

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Whole Lot of Visitors Yesterday

If you follow Dayton Christian Center on Twitter, you might have known that we were going to have a very special visitor yesterday. Roland Winburn, our state representative, came to visit our West campus.

I really do not follow politics at all. Sure, I support Obama. But, I am not interested to know what most people think I should about all of that political stuff. I am pretty sure Mr. Winburn is a big deal though. (I wonder if he has leather bound books and his apartment smells of rich mahogany?) Even though he is a bigwig, he was not the star of the show...

We had a lady (Julie? I'll go with Julie.) come and visit us with ANIMALS from the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery. All of the kids that were around got to sit and watch Julie put on quite a performance. Everyone but the smallest children were able to pet all of the animals. I'll do a quick recap.

Fat-tailed Gecko
-> It was pretty tame. It stores fat in it's tail for use when starved. Like human's bellies.
Constrictor Snake -> It is native to this part of Ohio, but it goes after mice and was not poisonos.
Madagascar Hissing Cockroach -> The little guys hisses when it's scared. It must not have been very scared, but I think a few adults hissed at it.
Ring-Neck Dove -> Cool fact - they mate for life. Meaning when one dies, the other one never mates again.
Oppossum -> It did not play dead. It seemed the most calm of all the animals in fact. It was double the average life expentacy at a full 4 years old. It kind of freaked me out because it stores fat behind it's eyes, and since it was old and fat the eyes were bulging with veiny fat behind them. Mmmm thanks for that Eric. Also, Julie asked the audience what other kinds of animals are nocturnal. Bob's son replied "college students". Smart Kid.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Lonely Day at Work

Bob Bishop (the big boss) is one of the hardest people to get a hold of. I see him once or twice a week, and that includes our weekly meetings. And by see him, I mean catch a glimpse of him. Have you ever seen a horror movie when the bad guy appears right behind you? Well Bob is that guy. Except he is the happiest and nicest man alive.

I bring this up because today, for the first time, I was hanging out in the office with just Bob. He was here for probably 4 hours today! Which might be a new record. And none of the other office workers were around to see it today.

On another note, I have a new facebook page up. And also here is the fan page. I beg you to join both because I desperately want people to think Dayton Christian Center is cool, and we all know that you have to have a ton of friends on facebook to be cool.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ms. Asia, our famous cook

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite people at Dayton Christian Center - Ms. Asia. We are so lucky to have her because she KNOWS how to cook. I have never seen someone that can take regular food and make it so good! You would be surprised how even the picky kids can dig into her food.

Last Monday she made a meal from cans in our pantry. You would think that it would taste like plain old can food, but no... it was heavenly. And I don't even talk about my mom's food like this. (Sorry Mom) I think her secret is all the love she puts in every meal. :) ...Plus she's just darn good at fixing meals.


Monday, March 16, 2009

We have some leakage.

Normally when we have leakage, it is from an infant. Not from a room. Lately that has changed, and we do in fact have a leaky room.

Over the weekend, we had carpet cleaners come clean up what we feared would turn into a smelly mess. The cleaners came, but so did the smell. So right now we are dreaming and scheming a way to get rid of the smell and not keep the infant and toddler rooms closed down for too long. And also to save money. We are nonprofit after all.

Hopefully, it will all be better for tomorrow. If not, we will call and let you know.


Hi! My name is

Eric Cady

I have realized that although you all may be reading the blog, nobody really knows who the writer is. Here is a little bit about myself.

I am the online presence that keeps this and other Dayton Christian Center web pages updated - with assistance from my coworker Sarah Wahn-Williams. (She is actually the brains behind it, I just have more free time!) I am currently a student at the University of Dayton, a fantastic college located 15 minutes from both the East and West campuses of the Dayton Christian Center.

The reason I am working at the Dayton Christian Center is because I was lucky enough to get involved in Semester of Service. Semester of Service is just what it sounds - a semester spent primarily in a service related job rather than the classroom. It is sort of like a internship with the intention that you are going to go back to your chosen field. A unique learning experience would be a slightly cheesy but true way to put it.

My major is Psychology, but I have interests in some Business, Philosophy, and Physics. I actually just took a pretty sweet personality test based off of the "classic" ones. I am a green. Check out true colors and learn about yourself!


Friday, March 6, 2009

New Furniture

Last week, we had been slowly moving furniture out and around over at East to prepare for new furniture arriving last Friday. Some of the regular guys that come here here helped out, and Harvey, one of Jodi's friends, came and assisted in the move. Harvey's job is to move furniture and he is a former power lifter so he could pretty much palm all the furniture.

The new furniture is a welcome addition. It is much more "Feng Shui". Instead of a conglomeration of random articles of furniture, we now have a much more professional looking establishment. Come check it out! And if you want, you can get your taxes done too. Check out the Tax post.


New Toys!

Dayton Christian Center West now has a ton of new toys. We had a grant approved that allowed us to purchase a whole slew of new toys for the children. Tasha, the site coordinator and toy purchaser, tried to focus on toys that are a lot of fun but have some educational value as well. There are plenty of fantastic childrens books, a listening center and other creative things like a puppet theater and felt art board. Come in and hang out with your children and check out the new toys!

Tasha thought it was so much fun putting the toys together that I should do it by myself. Thanks Tasha. The single-seat child police car was harder to put together than anything I have ever assembled in my life. I guess Fisher-Price can make a car kit, but still need to learn how to make the directions. I remember as a kid always wishing the thing had wheels like a bike. Does anyone else think they should build these things for speed?