Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas with CJ

Wow! Time is flying past us and Christmas is going to be here in about 25 days! To help us get ready for the holidays, a group from Chaminade-Julienne came and helped us prepare Christmas boxes for the kids at the center. The groups were from the NHS program at CJ, and they were wonderful volunteers! We had around 30 volunteers at the center, half of them here from 8am to 12pm and the other half from 12pm to 4pm. They made homemade Christmas cards for the kids, made an inventory list of all the donations we have received, and made around 55 personalized boxes for each child full of toys, clothes, books, and school supplies. The second group was done early, so we had them sanitize our school rooms. We always appreciate a nice, clean, sanitized room :)

Another group from CJ will be here this coming Saturday and we can't wait! Take a minute to view the pictures below to see what hard working volunteers they were! And check back soon for more pictures from the second group!

Thank you CJ for working hard and for coming to DXC! We appreciate you! And most of all, the children will appreciate all the hard work you put into the boxes and into the homemade Christmas cards. We hope you all come back to visit!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Bless This Mess!!!

So many things are happening at DXC and we wanted to share them with you! Tasha's dad (Jerry)is in town and has been working so hard the last few days on rebuilding our steps and making a new sidewalk. He has been such a great help and we can't appreciate him enough! Jerry is a top notch volunteer!!! The sidewalk and steps look amazing, and we also appreciate all the small projects he has done during his visit.

Take a look at the pictures below to see all the hard work Jerry and a few other dedicated volunteers have done during the last few days at DXC. You can also see pictures of the construction from our new infant toddler room. We are doing great things at DXC and we couldn't have done it without your donations, your prayers, and your blessings!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Join Hands Miami Valley Day-Part 2

We already blogged about the first day of Join Hands Miami Valley Day weekend. This post is about Day 2! On October 24, we had a group from Sinclair Community College come out. All of the volunteers were part of the Young Scholars Program. I was so happy that they came out and they all worked so hard! Two volunteers scrubbed down our bathrooms from floor to ceiling, three volunteers scrubbed down our kitchen and oven (the oven has never been cleaner!)and all the other wonderful volunteers sanitized all the toys from the four classrooms, mopped floors, and cleaned and organized where needed.

Look at the pictures below to get a glimpse of what they did for us at DXC! Thank you Young Scholars! We hope you come back to visit.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Construction and Celebrations

We have finally begun construction on our new infant toddler room! Tasha, our Child Care Administrator and all the staff have been waiting for this day for who knows how long! And we can't wait for it to be finished. We already have 5 children who will be enrolled in the new room and we are sure to get more soon. They have torn out the wall between the two rooms that will be used (one side for napping and one side for play)and are currently working on tearing out the brick on one side to make a door. They will then rebuild a wall to make two gates going from one room to the other. We will keep you updated on what is going on with this huge project!

In the slideshow, you can also view pictures from Ms. Peggie's one year anniversary with DXC. We can't believe she has spent a whole year with us, but we are so happy to have her! We are truly blessed to have Ms. Peggie working here and we hope she stays at DXC for many years to come. We love you Ms. Peggie!