Monday, March 22, 2010

Busy Bees at DXC

Above are some pictures of recent volunteers and "happenings" at the Dayton Christian Center. These volunteers have truly been lifesavers! Our biggest project right now is on the East Side at the Emergency Services Program Building. This building is governed by the board that governs DXC. Along with Feed Dayton, we are making an urban farm and creating programming to go along with the garden. Please look at the pictures of Drew, our University of Dayton Grad Student and the helpers he brought on to clean up the building and surrounding area! I am going to blog more about this new initiative as we go, so be on the lookout!

We also had a group come on Saturday, March 6th to help with some spring cleaning and organization projects! That day, we had a desk built, classroom toys were sanitized, donations were inventoried and organized, and DXC looked that much brighter at the end of the day! (Some of these pictures have gone MIA, but as soon as I find out where they went, I will post them!) Throughout the past two weeks, we have also had individuals do craft projects in the classrooms, clean the kitchen, and educate our school-age room on theater, science and math.

All of the volunteers were truly a delight to have and we hope they all come back soon. The center has been so crazy the last few months and having the volunteers come here and donate their time and resources has truly been a blessing.

Signing off for now until the next free moment I can blog :)

Volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Volunteers Make Us Happy!

There are no words to describe the crazy two months the Dayton Christian Center has had. Changes, transitions, new staff and new volunteers are the reason this is so! Since our partnership with the "Give A Day. Get A Disney Day." program, we have had 25 new volunteers. And this month, we have another 30 volunteers signed up! Our volunteers have done a wonderful job helping in our kitchen and classroom. We also now have two beautiful scrapbooks and two excel referral databases which will help us for years to come. Recently, we have a very gracious volunteer from Kentucky who helped us out. Between her and her family, they worked for 98 hours to make us beautiful quilts to use in our classrooms! Even her granddaughter helped out. We can't say thank you enough for all the hard work our volunteers have done for us at DXC. We hope they all come back to volunteer again.

If you are interested in being a part of this program or are interested in just coming to volunteer with us, please contact Betsy at (937) 275-7174. We have volunteer activities for all ages!