Friday, October 23, 2009

Join Hands Miami Valley Day: Spring Valley Academy!

It's time again for Make a Difference Day! This weekend, we are lucky to be a party of United Way's Join Hands Miami Valley Day (JHMVD). Today (Friday, October 23) volunteers from Spring Valley Academy came out and helped for a few hours. All the kids were excited to have them here and everyone had a wonderful time! In the toddler room it was all laughs and giggles! Block towers were being made out of kids and one of our boys was being tickled until he couldn't stand it anymore! And all the kids wanted to see the pictures I took with the camera! (see pictures below). In the Preschool room, towers were also being made of of plastic blocks. They also fingerpainted and watched Goofy on TV! Our volunteers assisted in the school age room too. They played board games with them and did some straightening. And you can't forget our wonderful infants. Our volunteers kept them so busy that they every single baby was asleep by lunchtime!

Not only were our volunteers in the classrooms but a few of the gentlemen helped organize and restock our pantry and kitchen freezer. They also helped move donations from our van to our garage!

A BIG thank you goes to Spring Valley Academey and their leaders. We appreciate you all being here and we appreciate all the help you gave us.

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