Tuesday, October 13, 2009

UD Fall Break Volunteers are AWESOME!

Volunteers from the University of Dayton helped out in our classrooms and with cleaning projects last Thursday and Friday, October 8-9, 2009. We were SO happy to have them here! And how great are they to come volunteer during their Fall Break! :) On Thursday, we split the group up and put a few of them in each classroom. The kids loved them and really appreciated them being here. And the UD kids were such troopers too. One of the babies spit up on a volunteer, but she just wiped it off and went on with her volunteering! That is what I call DEDICATION!

On Friday, the second UD group was very nice and helped us make our classrooms sparkle and shine! They cleaned all the cubbies, tables, windows and bookshelves in our school-age room, fixed/sanitized all the cots and toys in the toddler room, and sanitized all the toys in the infant room. They were such HARD WORKERS! Take a look at the pictures below! :)

Thank you UD Fall Break Volunteers. We hope you come back soon!

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