Thursday, April 1, 2010

What is this so called "urban farming" in Dayton?

Dayton Christian Center is proud to say that we are involved in a huge movement that will change what Dayton knows about farming. Recently, we partnered with Feed Dayton, which is a local urban farming program that is growing fresh produce for members of the community who are struggling during today's difficult times. As a partner, we are providing land for them on E. Fifth Street (5,000 square feet) that will be used as a demonstration and training facility this year and for years to come. Along with this land comes the ESP Building which is not be using currently. Dayton Christian Center hopes to start using this facility in the spring/summer for programming that connects back to the farm and our partnership with GetUp Montgomery County.

Through our partnership with GetUp and Feed Dayton, we are changing the way Dayton Christian Center looks at things. We want to focus on healthy lifestyles and initiatives that will benefit our center and the community. As part of this, 80% of the produce grown from the farm will go to local food banks and pantries. 20% will go directly into the hands of those helping during planting season.

Please look at the "before" and "after" pictures of the ESP building and training facility. Ken Carman, the director of Feed Dayton, has been out working everyday alongside volunteers to get this site ready for planting. By Friday, Ken should have some seeds already planted and possibly some kale from his personal garden brought over.

Thank you to Feed Dayton, GetUp Montgomery County, and all the wonderful volunteers for helping us with this new initiative. The more hands, supplies, and support we have for this, the more we can help those in need. We know we are making a difference and I can't wait to share the produce with those in need and to not only provide meals to those in Dayton, but healthier, nutritious meals.

Be on the lookout for online and print articles about Feed Dayton in your local news sources. Also, check out Feed Dayton's website at and please go on to GetUp Montgomery County's website and see why we took the challenge of 5-2-1 Almost None and why you should take the challenge too! Their website is!

Now get outside, enjoy this beautiful weather and live, breath and eat healthier! Go Dayton!

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