Thursday, February 25, 2010

DXC Welcomes a New Family Member

Since no one who knows Cardella would even briefly
imagine her to be shy, we have to conclude she's
part of the Federal Witness Protection Program.

There’s been a new addition to the DXC family this month. Cardella Scroggins has joined the team as an assistant to Tasha in the Childcare program. Cardella comes to us as an Americorps member and was previously posted to HighRise Services here in Dayton. She’s completing her degree in Early Childhood Education and she has already been busy developing a new integrated curriculum, evaluation policy and working closely with Tasha on several other projects – not to mention cleaning, straightening and organizing everything in sight! In fact, a staff member took a nap at break time only to find herself cleaned, pressed and hanging in the closet. She was rescued by Sarah who was looking for some copier paper.

All kidding aside, we’re really happy to have Cardella working with us. She sets the bar pretty high and keeps us on our toes, which is a good thing, and we’re convinced that she’s going to help us make a positive difference in the lives of our kids.

Cardella brings the Americorps count at DXC to back up to two, with yet another one coming on soon. (We’ll have an announcement on that soon, we hope.) Americorps has let us increase the staff here to levels that have been needed for a long time. With the experience and skills Americorps members provide, we’re able to begin moving forward with some very exciting new plans and programs (again – more coming on these later) and have the impact on our community that we’ve been looking for. Besides Cardella, our media relations are being handled by an Americorps member.

Cardella will be with us at least through September when her Americorps commitment closes out, but we hope she’ll be able to stay on much longer.

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