Wednesday, June 10, 2009

United Way Day of Action 2009

A BIG "Thank You!" goes to the UPS group who spent the entire day working at the Dayton Christian Center's West campus. They started at 7:45a raking the playground area that had been tilled the night before in preparation for the sod to be laid. Raking was a necessary step to get rid of the rocks. Who needs a rocky playground surface? :-)

As more UPS employees showed up, more work began on the side garden where we use to have a veggie garden. Now, it was waist high with weeds and it had been decided that wildflowers needed to be planted there to attract butterflies and certain birds. We'll see how that turns out. Our preschool classroom will keep us updated and is in charge of watering the new plants.

The group then moved onto the front the building where the thistles had taken over. And when I say take over... that was almost an understatement. No seriously... again waist high. Now you can actually see all the pretty flowers again and hopefully the new ones that were planted a few weeks ago will continue to creep (they're suppose to do that) and grow.

Back to the playground. (and and they did eat and rest sometime during the day which gave me - Sarah - the opportunity to talk with them about the Dayton Christian Center and all the fun things we have going on) We had 5 1/2 pallets of sod delivered and oops... it turned out to not be enough to cover the entire area we had planned on. So, plan B... moved some pieces around and ordered some more playground mulch. By 3:00, all weeds were removed, some locks were installed, some doors were rehung, sod laid, sprinklers running, mulch spread... and some fun ensued (ie. adults swinging on the swings and playing tag).

We made some new friends of the Dayton Christian Center and are hoping that the UPS employees will stay in touch. The kids can't WAIT to play on the new grass (they have to wait 3 LONG weeks to make sure it takes). Thanks again to the United Way for creating days like this to help out for BIG projects!!!

Here are just some of the pictures that were taken during the day!

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