Thursday, April 16, 2009

Less is More - ZenHabits

I want to introduce you to my favorite blogger, Leo Babauta. The only one I have ever deemed worthy of following. The website - - is all about simplicity. His main idea is that having less is having more.

I believe almost all people subscribe to the idea of consumerism (including me although I try not to). But maybe it has caught up with you. In this tough economy, living like Leo can save you a LOT of money. And being a strapped-for-cash college student who tries his ideas, I can say that I have a lot of fun following them too.

I like his ideas because they are very win-win. We get a better life and so does our family. We get a better life and so does our wallet. We get a better life and so does the earth. Here is just a taste of what he shares with people. This has a focus on using less products to save money.

Thriving On Less

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